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Paris Accessories Trunk Show!


It's the start of a busy weekend for us here at La Jeune Mariee and we are SO excited that we have the Paris Accessories Trunk Show going on this weekend! We have the designer, Debra Moreland, here working personally with our brides on all their accessories to go with their stunning bridal gowns! In between bridal appointments and some delicious indian food, I got to chat with Debra and pick her brain a little bit about how she got started in this industry and why she loves it so much! 

When and why did you get started in the accessories business? 
"I started in 1989. I was working as a window dresser and my sister-in-law was getting married and she wanted some accessories so I made her a headpiece. It really all started though when I was a stay at home mom and wanted to make accessories from home. I put an ad in a local bridal magazine and the phones were going off the hook. I think people thought I was some big corporation because I was a fine arts major. Everybody came to me looking for something unique that they couldn't find anywhere." 

What is your favorite part of this industry? 
"I like how fashion is like art on many levels and has many historical references. I like pulling from so many movies and the amazing personalities they have such as the fashion driven Elizabeth Taylor. However, I absolutely love working with brides and helping them with their attitude about their self-image." 

What or who inspires you the most?  
"From other people that are very creative is what inspires me. Sometimes that creative feeling just arrives.” 

What is your creative process like? 
"I design two collections for Paris Accessories and one for BHLDN each year. For Paris Collections, I listen to the same music over and over. It adds continuity for the creative process. I use the name of songs to name some of the pieces. This season I'm still really listening to Michael Jackson and Man of La Mancha going for an antique and romantic grouping of things. When i'm listening to music I don't second guess my designs or decisions."  

How do you come up with new collection ideas? 
"Everything I've done before is the foundation of everything that will come. I think about the time of day, where their being married, and the types and trends of dresses. When I think about my collection ideas I try to create things that people will love and that will make them feel pretty." 

How do you get to know the brides so quickly in such a short amount of time? 
"I have a format of seven questions that I ask the bride to get familiar with their wedding and all the other necessary details. I want to design their accessories unique to them."

What makes your accessories different than other designers? 
"I'm emotionally connected and committed to designs. In 28 years with thousands of accessories, we've only discontinued 2 items. I only employ people in fine arts and the employees take pride in their work, they care. We have strict quality control and standards. Our accessories are not coming from China and that's where our price point comes in. They are handmade after the order and I think that's what differentiates it all." 

Your daughter has been a model for your accessories. How has that had an affect on you? 
"My daughter has been my muse from the beginning and that’s part of why I do all this." 

What is the background on the "Flaming Star" accessories? 
"The earrings came first and two seasons later I designed the headpiece. I wanted a really over the top earring that was reminiscent of late 50s and early 60s shape and style. For the headpiece I wanted something that I've never seen anything like and the two accessories go together perfectly." 


We are LOVING all the accessories Debra brought for this weekend and if you are too and want to see even more of the sparkly accessories we have, we still have a couple more appointments for tomorrow's trunk show! Call us today to book yours!