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Something Blue!


Happy Hump Day Brides! 

The tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, comes from an Old English rhyme. This tradition is just four things that the bride carries with her on her big day as good luck charms. Not everyone follows this tradition but I still think it’s a fun idea! Sometimes people have trouble thinking of their something blue so here's a post about some something blue ideas you can incorporate into your day! 

SHOES {Since your dress will most likely be covering your shoes, blue shoes would be an adorable addition to your wedding day attire! If you're not for a completely blue shoe, blue soles are just as cute!


LINGERIE {Why not keep your something blue for your new hubby for the night of the wedding? These will be sure to make him go 'oh la la'

NAILS {Get a mani or pedi with this powder blue color! Something simple but yet a perfect idea for your something blue!}

SEW BLUE {Embroider you're wedding date into your dress, not only will it be sentimental but think about how awesome it'd look in your wedding pictures!}

BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES {Let your favorite girls be your something blue by wearing blue bridesmaids dresses!

RIBBON {Tie a ribbon around your bouquet or the heel of your shoe! If you have a layered dress, tie the ribbon in there. Probably the simplest idea but oh so cute!}

GARTER {f you want a concealed way for your something blue, this would be the perfect idea for you!}

COCKTAIL {Why not share your something blue with everyone at the wedding! Cheers!

BLUE JEWELRY {Sparkle and shine with your something blue! Whether it be earrings, a necklace or even a hair accessory!}

BLUE TULLE {I would of never thought to put blue tulle under a wedding dress but I am loving this idea! It's so adorable!}

"I DO" APPLIQUÉS {Get these appliqués and put them on the soles of your wedding shoes! They aren't too noticeable but it's a sweet way to add a little something blue to your wedding!

HIDDEN BLUE HEART {Another sentimental idea is to hide a blue heart somewhere in your dress. You can put it over your heart like in the picture, or anywhere you desire!

I hope these gave you some ideas that you could use for your something blue! Comment below and let us know what ideas you like or that you used! We'd love to hear from you :)