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139 E Main St
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Award Winning La Jeune Mariee Bridal Collection is a mainstay Columbus bridal boutique with a variety of dresses for brides looking for beautiful wedding dresses in Columbus from some of the top bridal gown designers.

One on one attention with our bridal stylists gives our brides the person experience they deserve.

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Unique Guest Books That Aren't Actually Books


- Hey Future Mrs! -

       You don’t have to tell us… we know… it’s been awhile since we have blogged, but its just because we have been busy with our beautiful brides-to-be! We have come up with some great ideas on how to turn your “basic guest book” into some fun & useful items.

       Let’s be real, what are you going to do with your guest book after the big day anyway? Read it Probably not! More than likely it will go into storage for the next 40 years. Okay, that might have been a little dramatic but you get the point! Here are 5 of our favorite unique guest book ideas.

1.          Message in a bottle

How cute! Do a bottle for your 1 year, 5 year, or 10 year anniversary & so on. It will be a great laugh & flashback to what your lovely guests had to say on your wedding day. BONUS: You get to drink a few bottles in the name of wedding prep!

(Etsy, BeckonJoy) 


2.        Bucket List

To all our adventurous couples, this is a perfect idea for you! Endless bucket list ideas means never a dull moment.

(Etsy, Printshopstudio)


3.        Polaroid Memories

Click it, stick it, & sign it! No other explanation necessary.

 (Etsy, MulberryMarketDesign)


4.        Question/ Prediction cards

I’d say this is a good way to tell which of your guest knows you best! Have your guest predict your future, then turn it into a cute notebook you can re-read every anniversary!

 (Etsy, SizzleConeDesign)


5.        Canvas Picture

Have a favorite engagement picture? Make a blow up canvas & have your friends & family sign it. Talk about an easy first home décor piece!

(Etsy, MissDesignBerryInc)

It’s the minor details that makes your wedding stand out from all the rest! What’s most important is that it’s fun & reflects how awesome you & your fiancé are! Stay tuned for next week when we get into the real life talk on what you need to know before your first bridal appointment!

XOXO The LJM Girls